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About Us

Our Mission

Our Beach is the Community's most precious natural asset. Mother Nature has been playing havoc with the Coastline, washing away years of built up dunes and sand.

The SavePonteVedraBeach Group is committed to restoring and preserving our natural resources.

 Current State of Ponte Vedra Beach    

  1. Ponte  Vedra Beach has reached a critical point  as our community has lost coastline in the last year from Mathew, Irma and increasingly threatening Nor 'Easter  
  2. There is now little beach for us all to enjoy apart from low tide. 
  3. Several coastal homes in our community are no longer structurally sound and will be demolished or require significant foundational  reinforcement. 
  4. Politicians are willing to help fund us. They have flown over our community and recognize our emergency. But we will need to raise some funds ourselves and they will match it.  

  Sense of Urgency    

  1. Governor Scott has granted our coastal area $17 million for beach renourishment to match the funds raised in coastal communities for such efforts. 
  2. If local funds are not raised, we will lose the opportunity to receive State funding to rebuild our beaches. The amount that we would need to raise is immaterial relative to the value of our homes 
  3. Coastal communities up and down the state of Florida have beach renourishment programs. Ponte Vedra is an anomaly as not having a program. We've spent zero on our beach as a community over time and it shows.
  4. Dredging programs around us are making our situation even worse. There are dredging programs north and south of us and  they are getting bigger. The more our neighbors dredge while we don't, the more water comes our way and erodes us further. 
  5. Water levels are rising and erosion is getting worse. 
  6. Our  property values are directly tied to our once beautiful beach and also excellent public schools. Property values take a hit when either our beach or schools are degraded. Again, the amount we would need to raise is immaterial relative to the value of our homes and the amount of likely property value erosion we will  experience.

Who Are We?

The Ponte Vedra Community from the northern St John's county line south to Guana Park has been affected by the recent storms. All are affected directly or indirectly by the loss of our Beach front.

We have united to seek and implement long term solutions to Beach nourishment and preservation. 

Come Join Us

We plan to present a unified voice to local, state and federal officials to seek joint solutions for Beach preservation. Please come join us by signing up for our newsletter and blasts by sending your contact information below.



  We have received overwhelming support from you all to restore our beach and we are proceeding.

Coastal engineers and the DEP have well documented that re-nourished beaches perform far better in hurricanes and nor'easters than non-restored beaches. We are one of the only beaches in the entire state of Florida that has never had a re-nourishment program. Our devastated beach is viewed by coastal engineers as too compromised at this point to recover. There will be further harm to our beach this winter from more nor’easters. In addition, now that South Ponte Vedra has established their own beach restoration program, we will be increasingly harmed by beach re-nourishment programs around us.

Now is the time to act, especially as the Governor will be committing funds to our project for a limited time.

Let's restore our beach and preserve our property values. Next steps include:

 1. ALL PONTE VEDRA BEACH PROPERTY OWNERS participate in our online, non-binding poll immediately located at toip of this page.  Please note that if you own multiple properties on PV Blvd, please submit a vote for each property in our poll.
2. We have engaged a coastal engineer that will outline the scope of our program and get it implemented. Our total costs and costs per homeowner will then be known.

3. There are costs associated with hiring the engineer to aid us. All donations to savepvbeach will be greatly appreciated. We will be back to you shortly on donations.

4. We will also be in touch on the results of our online poll and will have a community meeting with our coastal engineer. The date, time, and location will be sent by email.

As Ponte Vedra property owners just like you, we are very appreciative of the many emails of support for this cause. 



 Our Beach is our most valuable asset in Ponte Vedra. We want to ensure a healthy coastline for our beach and are dedicated to preserving and restoring it. We will achieve this mission through our action plan for which we have the commitment of over 100 property owners in Ponte Vedra and growing.

Our property values are clearly tied to our once beautiful beach and also excellent public schools. Property values take a hit when either our beach or schools are degraded. Consequently, we must act now and we are. We attended the County/DEP/MSD meeting last night and we must move forward with a sense of urgency given the dire state of our beach which is deteriorating materially on a daily basis.  Although all of the agencies are committed to helping us, it is clear that if we are not pro-active in finding a long term solution for our beach, it will not happen.   Our action plan to get our sand program established and up and running is as follows:  

  1. We  are setting up our own 501c3 entity. This will likely be in place next week. This will allow us to fund initial  expenses for our engineering study. The study will be the basis for quantifying the magnitude of our program, costs and State funding matches. Our legal expenses have been generously donated.
  2. We will poll our Ponte Vedra Blvd community to ensure that we have majority approval to go ahead. This is necessary to establish  the mechanism (an MSBU) for funding our sand program via a very small assessment in our property taxes with a match from the State of Florida.

    This is a critical step. Please help us reach as many property owners as  possible in our community. If you can help us in this regard, please email us back.
  3. We will hire an engineer to establish our program and begin the process of match funding it via the State.
  4. We will meet again on October 29 to review  our action plan and answer any questions you may have. We will meet at 3pm  at Sawgrass Country Club at the Golf Club. Please let Sawgrass security know that you are attending the Beach Restoration meeting and they will let you through.

We look forward to seeing you on October 29.  Please email us back if you would like to volunteer in our community outreach efforts.  


Message Sent to Community on October 16, 2017

We want to thank everyone for joining us at our meeting on Saturday 10/14/17 to build consensus and communicate our plan for restoring the beach.  We had over 100 homeowners from our community represented at the meeting and our effort will continue to grow as it is clear that everyone wants a plan in place to restore our once beautiful beach.


Beach restoration experts informed us at the meeting of our reality in Ponte Vedra.  We are one of only two communities on the entire Florida east coast that does not have a beach restoration program.  Fully, 32 of Florida’s 34 coastal communities have beach restoration programs and there are 80 such programs along the entire Florida east coast.  We are glaringly missing yet we are the only community to have had two major hurricanes hit us in the past year and still nothing is being done about it.  The damage to our coastline has been extraordinary.  We must all act now as a community. Moreover, counties north and south of us are spending money for beach restoration each year and we spend $0.  In fact, Duval County spends $850,000 per year for its beaches and Flagler has a separate tax to cover their beach restoration needs.  We can’t sit back and continue to spend $0 on our beach as it further erodes, exacerbated by all of the dredging around us.   


We all agreed at the meeting to proceed with a beach restoration program and there will be a polling done of property owners to ensure that we have majority approval.  From there, we’ll get moving with the County for implementation. We must move quickly given the current state of our beach and as we are eligible for State funding under Governor Scott’s $17 million Disaster Recovery Program.  Homeowners would provide the balance of funding for the program which is estimated to be a very small assessment relative to our property values.  We are optimistic that our program will be up in place in 2018.  NEXT STEPS We will set up our own governing Association, The PONTE VEDRA BEACH PRESERVATION ASSOCIATION, composed of all of us, so that our interests continue to be served.  We will advocate for ourselves with the County and get the program up and implemented, with ongoing dialog with the County to maintain our interests.  Our first order of business is to have a coastal study commissioned on the current dire state of our beach as a basis for implementation of a sand program with the County.   


The next meeting of the Municipal Services District is next Wednesday October 18 at 5:30pm at the Ponte Vedra Branch Library.   Our voice will be heard and we will proceed. We will be back in touch with you after next Wednesday’s meeting and on how you can help us reach implementation


We have setup a Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/groups/762751880595567/, and email for community, SavePVBeach@gmail.com.